Lou, Ike, Fahim, and I went shopping at Majestic City today. Lou wanted to get some DVDs plus Ike needed shorts and Fahim, naturlich, wanted more DVDs for us. Oh, and Lou needed to pick up an elephant bag. Ya know my elephant hat? Same design but in a duffle bag.

Anyway, we did a bunch of shopping, and all told, Fahim and I ended up with over 60 movies – our personal daily record. This puts us up somewhere close to 900 DVDs (television series in his database count as 1 movie – go figure). Yep, that’s an insane amount.

And yep, we’ve now got something like 80 Hollywood movies to watch, 20 or so Bollywood movies, a dozen Tamil movies, and another 15 other foreign films. Oh, and that doesn’t include the dozen movies that I have segregated into a separate pile because we can only watch them during daylight hours with the promise of a syrupy fun movie to follow (they’re horror or otherwise scary, and I’m a wuss.) Then there’s the television series – like Everybody Loves Raymond (season 1-3), X-Files (season 4 & 5), CSI New York, CSI Miami, Tru Calling, Yes Prime Minister, Mind Your Language, The Pretender (season 2), and more.


Anyway, insane DVD shopping aside…

I also went to Bata to pick up a pair of sandals. Unfortunately, they only have women’s sizes to 9, whereas I’m consistently a 10, which sucks. So off to the men’s section… Of course. Ah well. I pick up a burgundy pair of leather sandals and I’m on my merry way…

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