After Majestic City, we headed to the seamstress to pick up my shalwaars. This particular seamstress is around the corner from Rasi Silk, which is fairly well known here for their shalwaars and saris. We didn’t buy from Rasi because their ready-made shalwaars don’t fit me, and they don’t have a seamstress who can sew from measurements.

But this other place around the corner has a seamstress who can. 😀

Anyway, I try on the pink & aqua one to make sure it fits. It’s snug – I like loose – but it otherwise fits. I prefer loose because, let’s face it, I’m a Canadian living in a tropical country. But they, at the shop, all insist that it looks really good.

I think Fahim agrees.

Anyway, I then try on the aqua cotton-silk one, and it’s also a good fit. We get them all wrapped up and take ’em home.

Rs.350 ($3.50 US) to have the pink & aqua and aqua cotton-silk sewed, and Rs.450 to have the purple sewed (it needed a lining).

Cool beans!

Author: LMAshton

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