Sewing… Done.

I finished sewing the crinkly cotton purple/pink/yellow kameez this morning, although I have a leetle bit of picky detail work to do around the neckline. Yay!

Sometime, when I’m feeling energetic (read: not right now) I’ll take photos and post ’em. It ended up looking pretty good.

And then I sewed a pair of black pants for Fahim to wear to the wedding.

Fahim was all set to wear jeans with his sharwani.

The man.

I said no. Of course.

So remember last week or something I modified the black pants that came with his kurta. Well, those pants have really narrow legs, so not as comfortable as Fahim would like. I think he’ll wear them with his kurta, though, but he wanted looser pants for the sharwani.

And that’s where my sewing comes in. He had one pair of black pants so he could have worn them on both days if necessary, but the pair I sewed today means he’ll wear something he likes better.


And now I have to go bake a chocolate cake. For Fahim’s mom. At her request. Because there will be people coming and going at their place all week.

And since today was Fahim’s last day at work for the next week, we’ll be heading over there ourselves tomorrow. Morning.

So. Cake. Bake. Tonight. Must.

Author: LMAshton

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