Fahim’s first day off…

Wedding stuff commences…

Fahim took off the next few days because of the wedding and the possible help we might be able to give to his parents and brother. So, we head over to his parents place. Bright and… not so early.

First, we run a few errands, including stopping off at the thread & notions store, the little hole in the wall shop where I get my stuff. All told, I spent the princely sum of Rs. 380, or around $3.80, and got myself…

  • 6 fancy green buttons for sari blouse
  • spool of thread to match sari blouse
  • 2 plain jane buttons (for an apron)
  • 2 metres of elastic for Fahim’s waistbands
  • 4 metres of white cording for pants (drawstrings)
  • 6 spools of silk embroidery thread
  • a seam ripper
  • embroidery scissors
  • an embroidery hoop, wooden, about 8" in diameter
  • bias tape
  • about ten zippers, 10 or 12" long, for various handbags that I plan to sew

Yeah, not a lot of money to Norte Americanos, and yet… That’s more than I paid my maid for a day’s work. How’s that for perspective?

We also stopped off at the fabric store to get some fabric for the pants and shawl to go with some crinkly fabric I got and am making into a shalwaar kameez top. I also picked up some white cotton sheeting for lining for the handbags and a meter of this really really stiff fusible interfacing. It was way, way stiffer than I expected, and I suspect that I could make a stand-up model out of the stuff, it’s that stiff. I’m not sure how it’s going to work with the handbags – I’ll have to use it only for the ones I want to be stiffer.

Well, really, I’ll give it a try on one, see what I think of it, possibly curse a bit, and then figure something out.

We’ll see. 😀

Purchases at the fabric store? Less than Rs. 700 total.

After that, we went to Fahim’s parent’s place and hung out and basically tormented Fahmi on his life ending.

Yay! *snicker*

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