Salt Shrimp & Okra

For dinner tonight, Fahim wanted to make shrimp okra curry. I’ve only had okra once before – at a family dinner given by my friend Joanne’s mom. You know, as I think about it, I seem to recall it being an ordinary family dinner. It was about ten or so years ago, and what I remember of the okra is that it’s a slimy vegetable. That’s about all I remember. Whether I liked it or not I don’t remember.

Anyway, since this is something Fahim really likes and I have no idea what it’s about, I let him do it. He wants me to chop up the vegetables, cuz he’s so slow at that sort of thing, but other than that, the rest is his.

He’s putting dried shrimp into it, not fresh. We bought two packets of the stuff while grocery shopping today. Okay. Whatever ya say, Fahim dear.

The recipe will eventually be on my recipes page, but basically, what goes into it is okra, onions, a green chile, one clove of garlic, the dried shrimp, and some seasoning. Well, Fahim already figured out that the shrimp had some salt in it, so he decreased the amount of salt needed. He briefly contemplated rinsing the shrimp before using it, but decided not to. Big mistake. Huge mistake.

Yeah. Whatever you say.

The shrimp was salt-dried.

I tasted the finished dish, which obviously Fahim didn’t taste for seasoning while he was cooking it. It was salty. It was salty enough that I managed a few bites and that was it. Fahim thought it was too salty for him, too, but he kept on eating it. I suggested that we add a couple of potatoes and cook it some more cuz the potatoes will absorb some of the salt.

When that was done, I took another taste. Yep, it helped. Not as salty. But dammit, I would have had to add like six or more potatoes for it to make enough of a difference for me. I still can’t eat it. No how, no way. It’s all Fahim’s.

But now, with the added potatoes, he’s going to be eating that for days.

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