Ribbon Embroidery!!!!!

I checked out a link a friend sent me for ribbon embroidery. It’s something I sure hadn’t considered, but I can see how attractive it can be and it’s something I could get into, depending on the outfit and the fabric, of course. And naturally, it leads to more questions. Like needle size? I suppose big enough to thread the ribbon through ought to do it.

Embroidery floss – I’ve always been under the impression that it wears rather quickly, so I have a hard time imagining using that to trim clothing due to the whole wash frequently bit as opposed to wall hangings. Yes or no?

Ribbon trims are fairly readily available here and fairly common, so that’s not a problem. The problem is that most that I’ve seen here on clothing tends to the ornate and I’m much rather more subdued. It’s something I can still check into. Same for lace and all the rest of that trim stuff.

On another note. My sewing machine can do some fancy stitches. Some. Not many. And it can do freehand embroidery. I doubt I’ll use that particular feature, but if I did, would I use embroidery floss? Or fancier thread? What?

Author: LMAshton

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