Red Cross will be involved in relief work in Sri Lanka

I have no idea of what value for the dollar you get with any aid agency, so if you find another agency that will help out in south Asia and you get better bang for your buck, hey, feel free. I honestly don’t care who you donate through. Just please donate whatever you can handle.

It appears from this article that the red cross will definitely be in Sri Lanka and other points in south Asia.

I also saw an article on the Australian Red Cross that they’re looking for donations for this as well.


quote: PETER CAVE: The International Federation of the Red Cross has also made a preliminary appeal for US $6.5-million, to help those affected by the tsunami. It’s sending a team of health and welfare experts into the area to ascertain what is needed.

MARIE-FRANCOISE BOREL: That’ll help about 5,000 people, and it will bring immediate support to relief operations that have already been started by the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies in Sri Lanka and India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and other countries in the region after they were hit by this quake and the huge tidal waves.

BRIGID GLANVILLE: Where you can see this money being most needed?

MARIE-FRANCOISE BOREL: Well the basic needs right now for the victims in this first emergency phase are shelter, so perhaps we need some tents and blankets, clean water, food, family utensils, and probably mosquito nets.

As far as health is concerned, the biggest challenge we are facing is the spread of water borne diseases, particularly malaria and diarrhoea, and we could also run the risk of having respiratory tract infections.

So what we have done is, the International Federation is sending in tomorrow medical supplies for about 100,000 people into Sri Lanka, and also some extra medicines to treat up to 2,000 possible cases of diarrhoeal diseases.

We’re also sending in an international team of coordination and relief evaluation, which will be leaving in the next few hours. Now, that will help to try and ascertain what the needs are. The big problem we have now is, as you know, the disaster is so huge that many telecommunications lines are still down, it’s still very difficult to get into the region to access some of these parts, so there are actual whole regions that we still know very, very little about.

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The thought just occurred to me. Thank heavens dengue fever season is over!

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