Receding water precedes a tsunami

I was talking to people here about the receding waters preceding a tidal wave. I know about it in part because of the movies I watch and books I read, but also part of it was high school physics – wave theory. I’m a geek and I remember it. If I’d been on the beach and saw the water receding, I would have started screaming immediately to run for your lives. Because I know that it means big big trouble.

Anton, our district president at church, is a very educated man. He’s a medical doctor with all sorts of specializations. He’d never heard that before. Neither had anyone else.

Instead of running, when the people on the beach saw the water recede, they went onto the wet sand to pick up fish and seashells and that sort of thing. And so, when the wave came back, they were ripe for a picking.

Yes, education can make a huge amount of difference. If they had known about receding water, only a fraction would have died.

Author: LMAshton

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