Pure Bee Honey

Is there another kind? :p

Well, yes, actually, and scarily enough.

At the grocery store, we can buy Medical Grade Pure Bees Honey (nope, not kidding), honey imported from Australia, or local honey. The honey imported from Australia is pretty much exactly the same stuff as I got in Canada, so no surprises there. But the local honey? Oh, now that was surprising.

First things first – the smoky smell. I don’t know how common beekeepers and purpose-made beehives are here. I do know, from what I’ve been told, that honey is captured from the wild – a hive in a hollow tree or some such thing. Whereas in Canada or the US, the beehive would be smoked with cotton (I think) or some such thing that’s pretty close to smokeless and odorless, the beehives here are smoked with wood or other things that produce a very strong smoky smell.

Then the honey is diluted with a sugar-water solution. Because sugar-water solution is cheaper, and it stretches the honey further so the person can (theoretically) make more money off of it. Which just makes it.. nasty.

Author: LMAshton

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