Dengue Fever?

Fahim thinks he’s caught something, and he’s not sure what, but he has a fever, and dengue is going around. One of the missionaries has it, and has been sick for the last couple of weeks.

We actually live in a dengue zone. The health department (or whatever they’re called) trucks have been in the neighborhood in the last couple of weeks announcing that everyone has to clear their yards of weeds and such to keep mosquitoes down because of the dengue, and anyone who doesn’t will have the city do it for them and charge them for it.

See, we live in a marshy area anyway – Fahim thinks that’s why we’re sick so frequently – and there are a lot of mosquitoes here as opposed to other neighborhoods. So dengue is something we have to watch for, and it’s the season for it, I gather. On the other hand, malaria is not at all common in the greater Colombo area, so that is something we’re not at risk for. Go figure.

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