Project #365 Day 83 Poison for the soul

manioc, Sri LankaManioc, also knows as Cassava.

My mother-in-law grows it in her garden and has fed it to me at least a couple of times. She gave me two warnings: one, don’t eat it raw, and two, don’t eat ginger the same day I eat manioc.

Manioc cannot be eaten raw because it has two cyanogenic glucosides, which roughty translates into substances that’ll make you sick or kill you. 🙂 As Wikipedia puts it, "A dose 40 mg of pure cassava cyanogenic glucoside is sufficient to kill a cow." Yeah, not good, so don’t do that. 🙂

Don’t eat ginger on the same day as manioc cuz it’ll make you sick. At least, I’m pretty sure she was talking about manioc, but that was two or three years ago, so it could be some other root vegetable. *shrugs*

That’s the vegetable lesson for the day, kiddies. I hope you enjoy. 🙂

Meanwhile, the photograph. Love? Hate? Like? Ambivalent? Critiques? Suggestions? Tell me what you think. 🙂

Author: LMAshton

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