Project #365 Day 80 Palm Leaf

palm leaf against a blue sky, Sri LankaI’m working on fostering my creative side, theoretically. Or, I hope. Or something. I’ve never really thought of myself as the creative or artistic type, especially in light of the very talented real artists in my family and extended family. My sister, for example, has painted incredible log cabins and overflowing fruit bowls. Cousins are equally talented with drawing, painting, and who knows what else. Me, I just dabble.

I’d like my dabbling to improve.

Not all of what I photograph is meant to be artistic. Certainly not the stuff I photograph out the side of the trishaw as we’re moving through traffic.

But other photos, where I have time to think, to compose, to visualize, where there’s no reason to hurry except for the mosquitoes that are biting me since I’m outside, those photos, I’d like to improve.

And so, with that, here’s one effort. I hope you enjoy.

Please do tell me what you think in the comments. I like comments. I like to know if my photos evoke a response. I like feedback to know where and how I can improve. So please, comment away. 🙂

Author: LMAshton

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