Project #365 Day 8 Is that supposed to be the hospital cafeteria?

While I haven’t spent a huge amount of time at hospitals, or, more accurately, in hospital cafeterias, I’ve been in a few in Canada. What they all had in common was that they had hot food, served to order, and quite a variety. You could get snacks or you could get full meals.

Here? Yeah, not so much. 🙂

This is locally called a hospital canteen.

hospital canteen

And it is as small as it looks.

For sandwiches, there are chicken burgers and fish burgers. Oh, I should have gotten a photo of that – I had the chicken burger. The bun was sliced in three, but still attached at the back. The meat went into one fold while the lettuce and tomato went into another fold. Yep, that’s it, baby. The ketchup bottle on the table saved it.

Otherwise, I could have had short eats (savoury pastries, most are deep fried), but honestly, I’m getting tired of short eats. Drink selections? About a dozen choices all told.

Yep, pretty dismal selection by Canadian standards. 🙂

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