Project #365 Day 74 Woven Goods For Sale

woven goods (chairs, shelves, baskets, hats) for sale, Sri LankaThis photo was taken on the road between Colombo and Kurunegala from out of a moving car, which is how I seem to take a lot of out-and-about photos. If we were to stop every single time I saw something I wanted to photograph, a two-and-a-half hour drive would turn into a ten hour drive. So, I get photos like this.

This was taken in an area where woven items are predominantly for sale. There are areas where there are pineapple stalls for miles, other areas that sell cadjunuts (cashew nuts), other areas where there’s a lot of batik. This area has woven items, both furniture like shelves and chars, as well as household items like linen baskets, food baskets, string hopper thingies, and so on.

Author: LMAshton
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