Project #365 Day 61 Bread Trishaw!

neighborhood bread trishaw, Sri Lanka neighborhood bread trishaw, Sri Lanka bread trishaw, Sri Lanka Trishaws, also known as tuk tuks or three wheelers or auto-rickshaws, are exceedingly handy vehicles, especially countries like Sri Lanka with its over-clogged roads. They’re small, maneuverable, and cost a lot less than regular vehicles.

And they’re great for neighborhood ice cream and bread sales. 🙂

Both the ice cream trishaws and bread trishaws play annoying music loud enough for everyone in the neighborhood to hear them. One tune for ice cream, a different tune for bread.

In the first image, we have a neighborhood woman, still in her nightgown with no shoes on and an umbrella because of the drizzle, buying bread.

In the second and third shots, it’s easier to see that the back of the trishaw is fully enclosed.

When a person wants to purchase bread or pastries (including things like fish rolls, eggs buns, fish buns, and other short-eats), the driver reaches into the back of the trishaw to get it. Trishaws are small enough that that’s no problem. 🙂

Author: LMAshton
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1 thought on “Project #365 Day 61 Bread Trishaw!

  1. I’d love to have one of those for bopping around downtown. The problem would come in if I tried to head into midtown Memphis. Oy, even. Driver’s here are, to be nice about it, out of their dang minds!

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