Project #365 Day 46 What Am I?

First person to guess what this is gets points. Lots and lots of points. Redeemable for, uh, well, nothing, really, except the fun and amusement of all. 🙂

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Author: LMAshton
Howdy! I'm a beginner artist, hobbyist photographer, kitchen witch, wanderer by nature, and hermit introvert. This is my blog feed. You can find my fediverse posts at

6 thoughts on “Project #365 Day 46 What Am I?

  1. e4c5, I installed a new theme yesterday, and I obviously have more tweaking to do. That large picture (the picture rotates through a group of photos) in the upper right hand corner is part of my sidebar, not a part of the post. The borders are too faint that it’s very easy to get confused. I’m still working on customizing the theme.

    Sorry for the confusion.

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