Project #365 Day 25 Layard’s Parakeet… I think…

These are some of the bright green birds that visit our neighborhood. They can be difficult to spot since they blend in so well with the foliage. The first picture looks to be an adult with a teal-coloured tail. The second I guess is a fledgling given its feather structure. I call these green birds parrots…

I asked Fahim what these were called, and he said, “Green bird”.

After downloading the free downloadable field guide to Sri Lankan birds (extremely useful resource, that) from Field Ornothology Group of Sri Lanka and perusing the sketches of the birds, it looks like my green birds could be Layard’s Parakeet (Psittacula calthropae), also known in Sri Lanka as Alu Girava (Sinhala). And for those not in the know, which included me until very very recently, parakeets are, apparently, a type of parrot. Did not know that. 🙂

If I’m wrong on the identity of these birds, please correct me. Please. 🙂

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Author: LMAshton

5 thoughts on “Project #365 Day 25 Layard’s Parakeet… I think…

  1. I have many more photos of this type of bird, or something similar to it, that includes the face, but this is the first time the green parrots have been back to our neighborhood in months. Unfortunately, on this day, these were the best I could get before they flew away.

  2. I just took another look at photos of Layard’s Parakeet and Rose Ringed Parakeets, and I suspect you’re right – I believe we get more of the Rose Ringed Parakeets in our neighborhood. I’ll post some better pictures of the birds in question in the next couple of days. 🙂

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