Project #365 Day 12 Mooooo!

I heard a high-pitched whiny "Moooooo!". This is not at all unusual here. But since I’m nothing if not a cow-picture-takerer, I went out onto our balcony and snapped a picture of the wee little moo cow.

wee little moo cow

And he turned the corner and went up the little road.

wee little moo cow

And then I saw a bigger moo cow, a usual and frequent visitor, in our next-door empty-except-for-lots-of-vegetation lot.

wee little moo cow

That cow loves eating the vines. Loves.

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Author: LMAshton

2 thoughts on “Project #365 Day 12 Mooooo!

  1. I love the term “cow-picture-takerer.” I can’t wait to share it with Miss M in the morning for it will make her laugh like the gooby MamaLady she is.

    Confession: One of the things we miss most about not having a car is being unable to go “farming.” That’s when you drive out into the boonies and check out the other fella’s fields. We have farmers on both sides of the family going waaaaay back. Anyhoo, whenever we saw cows, we mooed. Loudly. And with such enthusiasm that people in passing cars tended to look at us funny.

    .-= Virginia Lee´s last blog ..365 Photo Project: Day 12 =-.

  2. Virginia, you are too funny! I, erm, *cough* also Mooo! back at cows. 😀

    And I’m glad you like the term cow-picture-takerer. 😀 I love that you’re entertained. 😀

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