Project #365 Day 100 – The Naming of the Lizard with a request for suggestions

monitor lizard, Sri Lanka

I don’t know if this is the same lizard who visits our garden, or if there’s a group of them taking turns. But since I can’t tell the difference, I’m going to assume it’s always the same one. Unless distinguishing features poke me in the head. 🙂

And as such, I think this lizard needs a name.

Suggestions? Please? Right now, I’m leaning towards Tom, and that’s a bit on the boring side. Hannibal? Eduardo?

And all those red things? That’s the jambu from our tree – it’s been dropping jambu by the pound.

As always, please feel free to comment and critique. I’d love to hear from you – what works, what doesn’t, what do you think?

Author: LMAshton
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