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Produce here is iffy. As in, it’s iffy if next week, we’ll be able to get decent mushrooms, or decent capsicum, or carrots, or whatever. It’s unpredictable what’s going to be decent at the grocery store, so no planning either. We haven’t had mushrooms for about a month because there haven’t been any. Sometimes we won’t see gotukola (a local leaf – it’s really good made into gotukola sambol – with onions, coconut, green chili, lime juice, and salt. Yum!) for a month or so at a time. And there’s not the huge selection that you’re used to. Here, there are the tiny neighborhood markets, a little bigger than Canadian 7-11s, but not by much, and you get what you can when you can get it. I haven’t had broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, or all sorts of other things since I left Canada. Hence the cravings thing. 🙂

We had pizza a few days ago, and that was also good. Not Panagopolous, my favourite. But it was Dominoes. Yep, Dominoes Pizza. Deliver on bicycle with a hot box attached over the rear wheel. I gotta get a picture of it. It’s pretty funny. To us. To them, it’s normal.

We had a loaded vegetarian – Fahim can only eat Halal meat, and there’s no way of knowing which restaurants are halal or not, unless he knows they’re owned by other Muslims – and it was nice. Cheesy. Gooey. Oh, it hit the spot, alright. 😀

I’ll be doing another restaurant review sometime in the next week. Don’t know what restaurant, don’t know what kind of food, but how much does it really matter? I enjoy doing them, and this way, I don’t complain to Fahim and nag him to death to take me out to expensive (to local pocketbooks) restaurants. They’re reasonably priced by NA standards, but very expensive for average Sri Lankan standards. And I don’t have to cook or clean up, so it makes me happy there, too. Always a bonus.

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