Fahim is getting old.

Today was dh’s birthdayl. Morning was taken up with me trying to make Chicken Buryani, one of our favorite dishes, but the recipe I have doesn’t end up being anywhere near as good as what we can get at his uncle’s restaurant. Then of course there was the whole chocolate cake I HAD to bake. And ice. And there goes the morning. The afternoon, I sewed. Had to finish his sarong – I bought him two for his birthday, one a stuffy plaid, the other a funky batik design, and they don’t come stitched. And mended. And mended some more. And then, cuz dh bought like a bazillion movies last Saturday (14 – welcome to the land of cheap pirates), we had to watch movies. Which we’ll do until the pile is down to nothing – sometime this weekend, perhaps? And got morning pages done in the evening.

Author: LMAshton

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