Perception is everything

Or is it?

We’ve probably all heard by now that the photos used on magazine covers and the like are airbrushed. Pimples and such are erased, thighs are made slimmer.

Chris Bridges expounds on this much more in his article. He also provides a link to a set of photos that include the original and the retouched so you can see for yourself exactly how it works. You can click on each of the items that was changed to see for yourself – in detail – the difference photo retouching can make.

They took an already attractive young girl, 14 years old, gave her bigger breasts, a skinnier waste, fuller lighter hair, brighter eyes, made her face slimmer…

When you consider that this is what’s done to photos in fashion magazines and other advertising photos, it’s no wonder why we, as females, young or old, cannot possibly ever make ourselves look as good as these models.

Heck, these models don’t look as good as these models.

Is it any wonder that anorexia and bulimia are as common as they are? Is it any wonder that women are so fixated – and not in a good way – on our appearances?

Spread the word. Tell everyone.

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