My first shalwaar fitting

Fahim, his mom, and I head back to the shalwaar place around the corner from Rasi Silk. Fahim’s mom had called them and they’d said it was ready for a fitting.

We get there, and I’m shoved into a tiny cubicle under the stairs to try it on. Tiny cubicle being about three feet deep and four feet wide under a sloping stairway.

I try it on, and it’s all tight. I feel like I’m choking just about everywhere. This is not surprising to me given that the seamstress didn’t measure my actual largest parts.

However, in examining the quality of her work, I’m pleasantly surprised. She uses a serger to finish the edges – happiness! – and she’s left an extra inch margin on the sides and sleeves of the top, so it can be let out with ease. She’s used interfacing for the neckline whatchamacallit facing thingie and it looks professional.

Other than it being too tight, I’m happy with the quality.

Discussions ensue about what to do with the pants – she didn’t leave a one inch margin there, unfortunately, so it’s going to require creativeness.

Uh oh.

But yeah, we’ve found a seamstress I’m happy with. 🙂 Joy!

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