Oh, yeah, baby!

Poor Ike! He came shopping with Kim and I, and it must have been torture being dragged all over the place by two women on a mission. But seriously, he’s a trooper.

When Kim and I hit Majestic City, I was looking for a couple of specific things, and so was Kim, so we ended up starting on the top floor and working our way down, trying to hit every store. See, even though I’ve been to MC dozens of times, a. I don’t think I’ve been down every single hallway and b. even if I had, it’s not likely that I remember everything that’s there, anyway.

A few stores we encountered had touristy type things. One that we went into had pretty extravagant prices. For example, a bag of Ceylon Cinnamon Sticks (because Sri Lanka’s cinnamon is supposed to be the best in teh world) sold for Rs.60 ($0.60 US), or about 4 times the price I could buy the same bag at any grocery store. If I bought from a local neighborhood shop and I were Sri Lankan, I’d probably be able to get it for even less than that.

Other items we saw there, where we had seen the prices elsewhere, were anywhere from twice to six or 8 times the price compared to anywhere else.

Uh, yeah.

We’re not dumb, but considering that MC has a lot of traffic, it’s not surprising that they can get enough business to warrant staying open.

We, on the other hand, will go elsewhere, thank you very much.

In another store, also with much touristy things (including some earrings, sterling silver, that I liked much), we found some batiks. Well, no, we found a huge load of batiks. Loads and loads and loads of them.

Kim, ever in search of, oh, whatever she finds that catches her eye and she falls in love with, went through them.

And then she found the Peacock batiks.

Oh my. Very nice.

They had two. Both were in blues, and one had a matching blue border, and the other had a black border. Kim and I both agreed, after much discussion, that the one with the blue border was the best one.

And then I playfully argued with her about how she couldn’t get it – I had to have it. But alas, I had no money on me, so there was no way . . .

My sister loves me, methinks. 😀 She bought it for me. *kiss*

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