Bras in Sri Lanka, You Say.


I’ve been having very little luck finding bras here. I’ve tried Odel’s, but the first time, it was incredibly busy, and the second time, when I asked for specific sizes, I was told quite emphatically that their largest size was a 36C. When the guy (yeah, a guy in the lingerie department for women, go figure) showed it to me, I swear, it looked more like a 28A.

Asian sizing? I dunno.

So I’ve been told to go to Triumph, and there’s an outlet at Majestic City. Today, I was there.

Oh my goodness.

I ask for my size in underwire, and the woman said to me, "Oh, no, none of our larger sizes come in underwire." "Excuse me? Why ever not?" "They don’t give good support."

With that, I cursed them and the drugs they were on and left the store.


Yeah, I know, I’m being harsh. I get that. But let me tell you something. The women working there were not over a B cup. No way. How would *they* know? Did someone with a AA cup size tell them? Cuz I gotta tell you, those are some pretty funky hallucinogenics they got.

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