Pakistan puts quake toll at 18,000

From CNN.

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ISLAMABAD, Pakistan (CNN) — The Pakistan earthquake toll has reached 18,000 dead and more than 41,000 injured, Maj. Gen. Shaukat Sultan, a spokesman for Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf, said Sunday.

Sultan told CNN the figure was as of (10 p.m. ET Saturday). CNN could not independently verify Sultan’s figures.

He said the magnitude 7.6 quake that struck Pakistan and parts of India and Afghanistan on Saturday morning had killed 18,020 and injured 41,188 people.

Most of the dead, Sultan said, were in the Pakistani-controlled part of Kashmir, followed by the North-West Province and other northern areas.

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Please note that this is a far, far place from where we live. Not only did we not feel the earthquake, its effects do not reach us. We’re fine. Yes, I’ve already been asked. :p

The worst part about this earthquake is that its epicentre was about 60 miles NNE of Islamabad, close enough for major damage.

The earthquake was felt in New Delhi, India.

Our thoughts and prayers go to those affected.


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