Bird flu in Europe

Bird flu village isolated in Romania.

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Romanian officials quarantined a Danube delta village of about 30 people Friday after three dead ducks there tested positive for bird flu — the first such cases reported in the region.

Agriculture Minister Gheorghe Flutur said the virus found in the farm-raised ducks came from migrating birds from Russia.

And while it is difficult for the virus to spread from birds to humans, authorities were taking no chances. They sealed off the village of Ciamurlia and banned hunting and fishing in eight counties in the region.

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I thought that, up until now, all bird flu instances started in south east Asia. Curious. This news account doesn’t say that – that was just the impression I was under.

So what’s the big deal with the bird flu? It’s that it could turn into a pandemic to rival that of 1918’s Spanish flu pandemic. And we are woefully unprepared.

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