Pajamaa Pants

I think those are what they’re called.

The pants – with big puffy bits where the body is, and skinny skinny bits where the legs are and long bits that get wrinkled and collected around the ankles. It’s the way these pants are meant to be worn, but seriously, they don’t work for Fahim. At all.

So today, I chopped ’em up into teeny tiny little bits and ate ’em. 😀

Okay, not really.

But I did start the alteration process.

I used my handy dandy little seam ripper (it’s getting dull, I think. Not too surprising – I’ve had it for at least a decade, probably longer. I’m thinking longer) to rip open the seams so I could shape the butt and crotch area better so there wasn’t so much excess fabric ballooning out. Then pinned it together and got stalled when I realized I hadn’t yet figured out the logistics of the button up placket thingy in the front of the pants that’s all for guys so they can stand up while peeing. Cuz I have no pattern or instructions and had a brain fart while I tried to figure this out. ;_

And then we watched a few episodes of Scrubs while I pinned and thought about it.

And I think I have it figured out now, but I’ll test that hypothesis tomorrow. It ain’t a good idea to do this sort of thing – requiring brains – when it’s getting late and I have a headache.


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