Fahim’s Wobbler Army

When we went grocery shopping a week ago at Arpico, we picked up two of the extra large boxes of fruit loops for Fahim. He gets the sugary cereal, I eat cardboard. 🙁 Aka bran.

These two boxes of Fruit Loops had a Wobbler each in them. Two wobblers!

Fahim loved ’em so much that, despite the fact that we’re supposed to go to Food City this week for groceries (less expensive), he wanted to go to Arpico to pick up more Fruit Loops.

So we went. It was our second last stop before coming home after a day out and spending horrific amounts of money. 😀

We hit the cereal aisle. Well, I hit the cereal aisle – Fahim is elsewhere. I put four boxes of Fruit Loops in the cart and ask Fahim how many he wants. “Four. Unless there’s more. How many more are there?” And yes, they were the magical Wobbler boxes of Fruit Loops. There were a few more, so I grabbed another one, making five. Five boxes of extra large Fruit Loops. Er, five extra large boxes of Fruit Loops. With Wobblers.

We get them home and immediately open the boxes to retrieve the Wobblers.

Luckily, they were packaged intelligently. As in, the Wobbler was in a plastic bag outside of the cereal box, so we weren’t creating Ant Chaos (TM) by doing this.

Fahim opened one box up from the bottom (I already knew that all the Wobblers would be in the top of the boxes), pulled out the bag of cereal, and screamed, “Two! Two Wobblers! It’s because I opened from the bottom! Hah!”

This man is insane. Insane, I tell you!

Later, he unpackaged all the Wobblers on the coffee table. They conveniently come with plastic bases to keep them upright, and of course, I removed them from their bases. 😀 And lined them all up and played with them.

I mean, really, that’s what they’re for, right?

So now, he’s got eight Wobblers, and they’re His Royal Wobbler Army.

Seriously, insane. Completely and totally.

So I play with them – well, barely touch them, really. Knock a couple over to watch them wobble. And he says it’s time to put them away.

Why? I wanna watch them wobble.

“They’re sensitive.”

Insane. 😀

Author: LMAshton
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