Ong-Bak and Entertaining High-Speed Trishaw Chases?

We watched Ong-Bak tonight – a Thai movie. Our version had really, really bad sub-titles. Really really bad. "Faster go to work." I dunno who this Faster guy is, but he sure was ordered around a lot. :p

Ah well. We got the gist of what was going on any way.

Anyway, somewhere in the last 1/3 of the movie, there’s a high speed… trishaw chase. Pretty funny.

These are not the same trishaws we have here. For one thing, they’re longer by a foot or so, and they’re more open. Their motors are also faster and don’t sound like the 2-stroke engines we have here.

Near the end of the trishaw chase, with a good dozen trishaws chasing after the good guys, the good guy goes into a road construction zone and, seeing that the overpass ends, hits the brakes.

The trishaws behind him, however, keep going. And over. 🙂 Into a pile of smashed up trishaws at the bottom. 🙂

Lots of fight scenes, and according to IMDB, no stunt doubles. Fight scenes and chase scenes are really good. Tony Jaa can jump like you would not believe, hurdling over cars and other tall objects like nobody’s business and his fighting is pretty incredible.

Near the end, there’s a scene where the main character is attacked by a guy with a saw blade – I stopped watching at that point and waited for Fahim to tell me when it was okay for me to watch again.

I’m a wuss. 🙂 Fahim knows and accepts this. :p

This is not Fantasy Kung-Fu. It’s also completely different from Tamil or Bollywood fight scenes, or Hollywood fight scenes – it has its own style. The fight scenes were interesting and well worth watching. Oh, except for those squicky bits I shut my eyes for.

Would I call this a good movie? Um, well, not entirely, no. 😀 The story is lacking and the female main character is whiny and I felt like slugging her to shut up her completely annoying sounds emerging from her throat. And her acting, to me, was a bit wooden. Eh. Whatever.

But still, for the trishaw chase scene and the fight scenes, entirely worth it. Completely and totally. Yup.

Author: LMAshton

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