On the way to the fabric store…

I forgot to mention this earlier, and it was kinda funny, so I had to add it…

On the way to the fabric store… Oh, and we left Ike behind with Fahim because Ike is bored when we go fabric shopping. So is Fahim, so I think it’s a predominantly male thing. :p And I made stew for lunch, but because Lou wasn’t eating – she wasn’t hungry yet – and I wasn’t either – neither was I – and Ike needs someone to sit with him when he’s eating because he feels lonely by himself, and Fahim eats while he’s working, sitting at his computer, and Ike (and Lou) aren’t allowed to eat in the livingroom because they spill, Ike decided to wait to eat until we got back.

And THAT’s a run-on sentence to be proud of. 😀

So we head to the fabric store, just Lou and I, and the trishaw picks us up and drives down the road, and there’s a baby monitor lizard crossing the road. He’s not even a foot long! Dhammika, the trishaw driver, brakes and swerves to avoid the thing.

In Canada, people swerve and brake to avoid hitting dogs and cats and, in Vancouver near Stanley Park, ducks, but in Sri Lanka, it’s cows and monitor lizards. 🙂

It was pretty funny. 🙂

Just sayin’.

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