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Kim and I chatted – over the internet, of course – and we talked about the capri pants that Lou’s been sewing for herself. So, in the course of things, Kim mentioned that she might want some capri pants for herself from the same pattern. Since she’s not sure yet if she’ll be stopping in Colombo on the way back to Canada, we discussed buying some fabric for her here. She said yes, please!

Lou and I headed to our friendly neighborhood Salusala and, following Kim’s directions of white, light blue, and light green, got four pieces of fabric that we think she’ll like – two for dresses and two for capri pants.

See, fabric here is way, way, way, way cheaper than it is in Canada. I don’t know prices in Canada now, but before I left almost 3 years ago, I was paying – on sale – at least $8 CDN a meter for cotton. Or, um, perhaps $5 or $6 US. Regular prices were often double or more of that. I can imagine that prices have gone up even more since then.

The cotton prints we get here range in price from Rs.80 to Rs.115 per meter, or about $0.80 to $1.15 US per meter.

Um, yeah, cheaper. :p

So Lou and I pick out fabric for Kim, and then we take a look at other fabric for me. I already know I need to buy black cotton for pants for Fahim to go with his sharwani that he’ll wear to Fahmi’s wedding.

I also need pink cotton for shalwaar pants and for shalwaar shawl. I find that as well – thinner cotton for the shawl than for the pants, but both a paler shade of the pinks found in material I already have that I want to make into a shalwaar.

And Lou and I look at some crinkly cotton fabric that’s new to Salusala. They had three patterns that I love and I was torn on which to get. Even though I’d love to get all three, I doubt Fahim would be that impressed with me buying all that fabric. ("Sew everything ya got, and then get some more, dear!" "Yes, honey!" "You have enough! You don’t need more!" "Yes, honey!")

So I quibble, and Lou pipes in with "I’ll get you one. You had a birthday… sometime…" Really, Lou? Okay! So she picks out the one she’s getting me – I think she paid for the blue and green print, and I bought the pink and purple one, although, honestly, it could have been the other way around. 🙂

Anyway, the pink pants and shawl material match both my existing pink material and the new crinkly pink that Lou or I am getting for me. Bonus! Well, it was by plan, honestly. 🙂

Anyway, I now have material for three more shalwaar tops. Yay!

Oh, but the other part…

In return for Lou buying the crinkly fabric for my birthday, I’m sewing a pair of capri pants for Lou for hers. 🙂

I’ve got the pieces cut out, and now I’m on for pinning the pieces together in preparation of sewing…

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