On another note. And not at all related.

Fahim made a mistake. A potentially serious mistake.

He introduced me to RPGs.

And what are RPGs, you ask?

Really Positive Goals. No, wait. It’s, um. . . .

Roaring Pole Gnats. Really really huge insects. No, not that either. Um.

Rare Pea Grains. Nope, not that neither.

Rye Pheasant Gruel. Nope. Can’t say that sounds familiar.

Rabbit Priced Great. Uh uh.

Racist Poor Guys. No. And he wouldn’t have to introduce me to any. I knew enough back in red neck Canada.

Report Program Generator. And this one, unlike some (!) of the others, isn’t even made up. It’s legit.

Radiating Plural Gurus. Hmm. I kinda like that one.

Reason Prized Gross. As in 144, not as in grotesque. Does that work for ya?

Realm Pre Generational. Hmm. That could be the start of a sci-fi story. I have a germ of an idea forming here. . .

Rune Prior Graphic. But that one doesn’t even make sense.

Nah. Role Playing Games.

As in Dungeon Siege and Sacred.

I tried playing some back years ago and really hated them. Could be that they were still too much in their infancy for me. Or could be that I have the attention span of a gnat. Either way, they didn’t work for me then. And no, I don’t remember which ones.

I do know, however, that these ones, I like. It’s also true that there are some features in each game that I liked enough that I’d love to have them in the other game as well. Oh well. That’ll only happen if I start writing my own games. Sadly, that’s never going to happen.

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