Oberon’s Furry Friend


Last week, Oberon caught a rat.

At least, I’m assuming it was Oberon, given that the rat was dead and lying in our back garden, and if it had been the roof lizards, they likely would have eaten it, whereas Oberon enjoys the chase, but when the chase is over, he quickly loses interest. 🙂

Today, I heard a loud commotion coming from the backyard, so I look out the window, and I see a bit of fuzzy stuff coming out from between Oberon’s paws. Then it squirmed and escaped from Oberon’s grip, and it ran. Oberon ran after it, nearly toppling over a hydrangea pot and caught it again a few feet later. Now the fuzz is coming out of Oberon’s mouth.

Oberon caught a squirrel. 😀

Good Oberon.

Uh, as long as it doesn’t have rabies. Reminds me, it’s time to get his shots renewed…

Author: LMAshton

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