More fittings and more frustrations

But not mine, thank the lucky stars!

When we were at Fahim’s parent’s place yesterday, they mentioned that they were doing wedding stuff today, and would like us to go with them, but knew we couldn’t because Fahim was working. Or something like that.

Then our power went out. It happened around 8 am, and Fahim tried the power company, but no answer. By 9 am, it still wasn’t back, and it was looking like it was going to be an all-day power cut. Fahim’s battery on his laptop only lasts so long, as does the USP for backup power to the ADSL modem, so he wasn’t going to be able to work today.

So, guess what? He called up his parents, and we went with them.

First stop – Hameedia‘s. Need to get new suits for Fahmi and dad. They took a look at fabric and had a couple picked out, then Fahmi calls me over for an opinion – I’m the fabric lady since I can tell cotton from poly from silk from… Or something like that. :p At any rate, I was called over. The two fabrics were black. Fahmi expressed a desire to look at pinstriped fabrics – I vetoed it with the comment that, personal preference, I strongly dislike pinstripes. To clarify, I don’t mean I hate all pinstripes, just the ones with the very obvious color distinctions of, say, white or close to white on black. If it’s dark grey on black, it’s better, but I’d still have to be convinced on an individual basis.

Then Fahmi wanted to pick out some fabric for a waistcoat, and he wanted silver. We took a look at a few fabrics, and he made his decision. Then we had to wait while Fahmi and dad got fitted.

After that, we went to meet Fara, Fahmi’s fiance, where she was getting fitted for her wedding sari at a wedding planner’s. The men weren’t allowed in, so in goes Fahim’s mom and I. The room we walked into looked like a hair salon with the chairs that go up and down in front of mirrors with all sorts of hair implements and the like. That room was about 8 feet wide and perhaps 16 feet long. At one end, there was a table with scatloads of white, champagne, and gold colored fabrics, and even more was hanging from a wardrobe rack. There were changing rooms off to one side. One young woman stood there in her blouse and underskirt while others verified a proper fit.

Fara’s wedding sari is white with a flower border, and some beadwork (although not actually beads – flat pieces of silver colored petals and such) will be added to it in the form of flowers all over the sari. It’s kind of a mix – to me – of western wedding dresses and traditional saris. East meets West.

Then we – as in, Fara, her mom, Fahmi, his mom, and I went into another room where the floral bouquets were to be decided upon. There were a lot of choices, and Fara wanted a small bouquet, so they showed her the smallest – a full 12 inches wide, teardrop shaped, and about 18 inches long. Too big! Don’t you have anything smaller? No, no, that’s the smallest. Would you like to look at something larger?

The largest we saw were 24 inches in diameter. Egads!

So Fara didn’t make a decision – the smallest was too large for her tastes.

We left, and then it was off for more wedding stuff.

Fara and Fahmi had been talking about some kind of basket or such to put the wedding cake into – some kind of a keepsake for the wedding guests. We headed to a china shop where I saw some dishes sets that I especially liked, but not only did Fahim veto the possibility of getting any (I already knew it wasn’t going to happen), but so did Fahim’s mom (We have too many already!) We do? Oh, the collective we. Got it. :p

No decisions were made as the prices of the baskets or containers that were most liked were too high. Rs.80 spread out over 400 or 500 guests adds up to a lot of money.

We then headed over to Fara’s parent’s place – they’re in Bambalapitiya, so close to where we were. And we discussed more wedding stuff – invitations, menus, and the like.

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