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First things first. Fahim has been approached twice now in the last week by two women he used to work for to write articles. One is for a magazine, the other is for a newspaper. Interesting timing – that they both happen with a week. Fahim has concluded that it’s time for him to start writing again. Yeah, doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out. Which is a good thing cuz Fahim ain’t no rocket scientist. Not saying that he couldn’t be – dammit, he could, if he wanted to, so no disparaging him, alright? If you say anything else rude or insulting about his intelligence, I swear, I’m gonna deck you!

Yeah, I’m calm now.

So. They both want him to start writing for him again. They both want regular articles. And Fahim’s more than happy to oblige. The first one he’d already submitted an article and it was accepted. This one, the newspaper lady, Renuka, Fahim was going to see in person and take me with him.

The appointment was for today. We went, we got to the newspaper, we trudged up three (or was it four? I was a little winded by the time we got there, and I suspect that counting the number of floors wouldn’t have helped.) flights of stairs and were directed to her office. She and another lady shared an office that I would have considered adequate for one person. There was barely enough room for the two chairs Fahim and I sat on when you consider that there were two desks, a computer console, and the chairs they were sitting on in there as well. It was probably something like six feet wide by five feet deep. Somewhere around there.

She was perfectly friendly. Fahim introduced me as his wife – which is only appropriate since I am, but still, the whole getting used to that bit – well. And he mentioned that I was a writer as well. She mentioned that possibly they could find something for me to write as well and make it my home. Or something to that effect. Sure, sounds great. Why not? I think I’d enjoy it. Naw, scratch that. I know I’d enjoy it. Plus it’s more writing experience and more writing credits.

We’ll see what happens.

Fahim also gave her his article for her approval. It was about Terry Pratchett. And it was quite interesting. And it was full of those long run on sentences that Fahim can be so famous for. Anyway, she read the article, she liked it, Fahim gave her the digital version, and he’s officially hired. Cool

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