Brekkie cake

After unpacking and unloading everything, I made a breakfast cake. Fahim’s fast is supposed to start any day now. The month of Ramadan where they fast from sunup to sundown. It’s a little more complicated than that, but that’ll be for another day. The short version for today’s purposes is that I have mucho sympathy and will do anything I can to make it easier for him, and if a breakfast cake will help, then that’s what I’ll do.

Besides, it’ll be easier for me, too. I won’t have to think about what to have for breakfast – it’ll already be made.

As for the recipe, I’ll be posting the recipe to my recipes page once I get that set up. But rest assured that I am, as we speak, organizing my recipes and putting things together so I can create such. It’ll just take a bit more work is all.

Back to the breakfast cake. It’s really a banana breakfast cake. Most recipes like that, ie cake, cookies, pancakes, muffins, etc., call for flour – you know, ordinary white wheat flour. Which I don’t want to use. So instead of the 2 3/4 cup flour it called for, I used 1 cup flour, 1 cup rice flour, and 3/4 cup gram flour. When all was said and done, well, it ended up being hugely modified. I was supposed to have 1 2/3 cup bananas, mashed, and while I had six bananas in the freezer, they were the finger bananas the monks gave us, so only three and a half or four inches long, and not enough by volume. Ooops. And I didn’t check this out before I measured the dry ingerdients. Oh well.

The cake ended up being pretty good. I added raisins and chocolate chunks. Oh yeah, I gotta talk about chocolate chunks. Ya can’t get chocolate chips here. At least, not anywhere where we have shopped. But ya can get slabs of cooking chocolate, and that’s what we got at the department store. Fine with me. So I broke off four squares, left them at room temperature for ten or fifteen minutes, and they’re softened enough to chop them into chunks and bits. The chocolate, as are the raisins, dates, and other things like that, are stored in the fridge. Otherwise, they’ll either go bad very quickly or bugs’ll get to them, or something like that. Although I have a hard time seeing the bugs if they’re in an airtight container, which they would be, so we’ll go with the whole they’ll go bad quickly theory. Yeah, that works for me. Except for the chocolate, which would melt into a chocolatey puddle. Oh, and the slab of chocolate we bought was milk chocolate, not semi sweet that the chocolate chips tend to be. So, again, different, but how much does it really matter? I still get chocolate, and that makes me heppy heppy heppy.

Fahim, after taking a bite, remarks that it has a powdery feel. Yeah, I noticed it, too, and I’m fairly certain it’s the rice flour, and I have no idea what to do about it except use other flours instead and not use either the rice or the wheat. We’ll see. I’ll experiment some more and see what happens.

But taste – well, using the rice flour and gram flour was completely fine. Other than the texture problem, there was no other discernable difference. That’s enough to convince me that it’s worth experimenting further.

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