musical trishaws not just for ice cream

I told you about the Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer tuning ice cream trishaws.

Meaning, that’s the tune the ice cream trishaw/bicycle play when they’re wandering the streets like a lonely cow.

But there are other types of musical wandering trishaws/trucks/bicyles.

I’ve also mentioned the pizza delivery guys on bicycles – now THAT’S a gas. In more way than one.

Dammit, I just did a search, and that seems to be just in my imagination, too.

I guess I’ll have to explain more on that.

Okay. Well, to start with, I’ve mentioned that the ice cream trishaws or bikes will use any kind of catchy music to attract customers.

But they aren’t the only oddity I find here in terms of food delivery.

Pizza Hut uses bicycles to deliver its pizza – bicycles with hot boxes attached to the bike right over the rear tire. Of course the pizza goes into the hot box unti the pizza is delivered. And the hot boxes are painted garishly with the Pizza Hut logo.

Dominos Pizza probably does the same thing. But wouldn’t swear on a stack of Bibles since I haven’t seen it yet.

I have, however, seen other restaurants do the same thing – hot boxes on the back of a bicycle with their restaurant name and phone number plastered all over the hot box.

Yeah, well, whatever works. And considering how bad traffic congestion can be, it does tend to make some sense.

And then we have pastry trucks and trishaws and bicycles.

The pastry ones are a little bit different from the rest in that the case where the baked goods are is enclosed with glass – and that includes the ones on the back of a bicycle!

The pastry ones are on the backs of trucks, backs of trishaws, backs of bicycles.

When I first heard this nonsensical music early in the morning, my first thought was for ice cream trishaws.


Pastry trucks.

Yup. We have a pastry truck that wanders our neighborhood in the morning. Every morning.

If we were so inclined, we’d never have to actually go to the bakery.

Yeah, Canada, drive-thru Tim Horton’s is SOOOOO Behind The Times.

Get with it, already!

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