Kurrakan, Dude

I talked about kurrakan a while ago after we bought a box of chocolate flavored kurrakan breakfast cereal, and I indicated I didn’t know what it’s North American equivalent name would be, if indeed it even existed in NA. I may have an answer.

First, let’s tackle the spelling inconsistencies.

This is Sri Lanka.

That should be your first clue.

I don’t know what the correct spelling is. I’ve seen it spelled at least a couple of different ways, so idunno. So if’n ya wanna hoist me for being inconsistent in how I spelled it, then take it up with the Sri Lankans who themselves can’t decide.

Still at the grocery store, I’m looking at crackers while Fahim is buying fish. He doesn’t need me, and, well, I’m curious.

One of the cracker packages I pick up looks interesting, so I turn the packaging over and search for a list of ingredients.

And I find.

And in the list of ingredients, what do I see? . . ., millet flour, (kurrakan flour), . . .

I show this to Fahim, and given everything, we suspect that millet and kurrakan may, in fact, be the same thing.

I won’t really know for sure until I find a bag of raw millet, not flour, but whole. Then I’ll know. But at least I’m getting closer to this little mystery.

Author: LMAshton

2 thoughts on “Kurrakan, Dude

  1. from France : I’m really interested in kurrakan. Where did you buy this breakfast? Be kind, answer me sa soon as possible, this is urgent. I nned to know if somebody export it in France . URGENT. Greetings, Martine.

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