LDS Humanitarian Efforts

At church today, I was given a memo from the First Presidency to be read in Relief Society. I left it at church, so I can’t quote it verbatim. However, the gist of it is this:

Donate generously. If you’re donating specifically to the tsunami relief effort, you can using the "Other" row and writing "Tsunami" beside it.

As well, as members of the church, on the first Sunday of each month we fast. Today, we have been asked to fast for the victims of the earthquake and tsunami. As well, when we fast, we’re asked to donate the cost of the food we would otherwise have eaten – more generously than that when possible – to the Fast Offering fund. Normally the Fast Offering fund is used in the church welfare program – helping members who are in need. This Sunday, however, some of the fast offerings will go to the victims of the earthquake and tsunami.

For more information, check these links out:

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