Laptops kill spermies. True? Or False?

We have three laptops at home for just the two of us – no desktops. My laptop heats up a lot, so, for lack of anything better, I put an empty binder below it to shield me from the heat. Plus, it’s a tropical country, so it’s easy for me to get overheated.

Hubby started working at home a month or so ago. When he worked at an office, he had a desk and everything. But we don’t have a desk at home. For either of us. We, the lazy people that we are, sit on the couch with our laptops.

Just call us two married bachelors.
So today, honey complains about the heat from his laptop.

I look over at him, and I nearly freak out. I mean, I’d forgotten all about that laptop heat kills the little swimmers thing. He slouches and generally sits in a position where the worst of the heat comes out where his naughty bits are.

So I ask him if he wants me to get him something to separate him from the heat. He declines. The good wife, I ignore him and get him another empty binder anyway and tell him to move his laptop so it can go underneath. He does, but he laughs at me.

Then, an hour later – five minutes ago for me (see, it’s that whole fluidic chaos time thingy) he says, "What? It’s true?" He’s reading a comic about Death to Spermies by Laptop.

Oh, of course. Cuz THEY tell the truth, but I lie. *groan*

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