When Fahim and I went grocery shopping, we decided to buy a block of jaggery.

If you recall, jaggery is essentially the solid form of treacle, which is the sap from the coconut flower. Okay, my memory sucks, but it goes something like that. Jaggery is essentially a sort of almost but not quite equivalent to brown sugar in solid form.

Fahim’s gonna croak at that explanation. Uh, sorry, dearest.

We bought a block of it. With it, I can make – from scratch – the Wattalapam that we bought last week and both enjoyed. I expected Fahim to enjoy it – he’s had it before and liked it. But it was new for me. Nevertheless, I enjoyed it as well. But it’s not the same at all make with substitute ingredients. I’m not saying you can’t substitute, but expect that there will be fairly major flavor differences.

So. We bought a block of jaggery.

Fahim, of course, has to study the block intensively. Why? Uh, dunno.

If you look closely at the block, you’ll see that it says “supported by oxfam great britain”. Well, it was in all caps, and I decided to type it in with all lower case. Hardly matters. But I am curious. Why is it supported by Oxfam? What purpose does that serve? Would the jaggery not be made without that support?

And no, I’m not mocking. I really am curious. I’d like to understand.

Author: LMAshton

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