Blog 8.0 Alpha/Beta by Fahim A. Farook

We apologize for any technical difficulties.

For this blog, I use Blog, written by Fahim, dearest husband, available for download off his Developer’s Corner website. Fahim has recently made some changes to the program and taken it from Blog 7 to Blog 8. However, Blog 8 is still in early Beta or perhaps even Alpha stage right now.

For those of you who don’t know what this means, hang on for an explanation.

Explanation. A program is in Alpha stage when it’s going through preliminary testing. When the program looks like it’s sorta ready for release, it’s given to a bunch of Beta testers who use it and find and report bugs. Bugs being not things like ants and cockroaches and spiders, but rather being errors in how the program works. When there aren’t any major bugs left, it goes from Beta to reguloar ol’ 8 with nothing behind it except perhaps a .0 or .1 or something like that.

Translation for those of you who didn’t follow that. It’s still in early testing and still has bugs that Fahim hasn’t discovered or fixed yet.

See, I published last weekend, only I didn’t know it at the time, but it didn’t publish properly. Wherever there was an image, it stopped publishing anything after that point. It’s now fixed. So please, go back and finish reading those entries that got all gumped up. And there are also, apparently, some changes I need to make to images because there were problems in that as well. Oh delight. Joy. Bliss.

But I digress.

No, wait. I don’t. I didn’t digress at all this time. I was actually and for once completely and totally on target. Oh, hey, go figure.

Since it’s still very early in the morning, that’s all there is to report at the moment. That and I slept in until 6:17am, the cats still love me and are very well and alive, and we apparently always have worms in our garbage – it’s only when the garbage can is full that they have the opportunity to crawl to the top and invade the lid. But that’s probably way more than you needed to know, so I’ll stop that now. Except to say one more thing. Aren’t you glad I draw the line somewhere at taking pictures? Oh lucky reader thou art!

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