invasion of the tiny frenetic dancing ants


You do NOT want to be living in my house right now.

I’ve talked (written) a lot about ants before. There are a lot of ants here, so it stands to reason. These ants, however, are not normal ants.

They’re tiny – about a millimeter long. And instead of moving in straight lines, they jig and jag all over the heck and gone, so no idea where they came from or where they’re going.

And they picked today to invade.

Originally, the first time I saw such ants, I wondered if it was just because maybe they were so newly hatched.

Today they dispelled that myth. Even if it was only a myth belonging to one person.

There were hundreds of them.

Eh, weell, at least a couple hundred of them.

They were on the counters, they were on the metal sink drainboard thingies. They were in and around the dishes. They were in the cupboard.


I tracked their origin first – wanted to know where they were coming from so I could put a stop to more immigration.

They were coming in a steady stream across the kitchen floor, out the door, across the balcony, and over the balcony wall.

Bug spray!

I sprayed the entire line and halted the intrusion right there.

Now comes the really gross part.

Emptying off the cupboards and the metal drainboard thingy, spraying where necessary, letting it air out, then wiping all the dead buggies off.

And washing the dishes. Again.

And washing the dish drain thingy.


Ain’t life grand in infested Sri Lanka?

The interesting thing is that they weren’t even eating anything. None of the ants were leaving – they were only coming. There was nothing for them to take back home.

They hadn’t been in any food.

I checked through everything.

Nothing that had food in it was actually contaminated.

So what the heck were they doing? A photographic safari?

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