If the Tamils have their own police. doesn’t that mean they already have their own state?

Yeah. I don’t know either, but it sure does pose an interesting question.

. . .

Watching the news this morning, we were shown clips from yesterday where the government was electing a deputy speaker.

See, the speaker has already been elected – that being the main speaker, but I don’t know what his official title is, other than speaker. So just understand that this is the head speaker dude.

It gets a little funny and perhaps even a little silly in the details. See, the president’s party has more seats than anyone else in the government, but she doesn’t hold the majority, or half the seats, much to her chagrin.

So when the speaker was being selected, the president couldn’t just pick someone from her party because she didn’t have enough backing. The speaker, in the end, is from the opposition.

I think she might be a little embarrassed about that. At the very least, angry. Frustrated. Indignant.

So when the deputy speaker is being chosen, she probably had a hissy fit.

Well, anyway, the ten second clip that was shown on the news was rather amusing – grown men and women, elected public officials, yelling at each other and throwing things around – but luckily, most of what was being thrown was paper. Sheets of paper. If they were bound into a book, it would have been a whole other story. Someone might have been injured.

But no, just loose pieces of paper being thrown around. Created quite a mess, too.

In the end, I think she, the president, got the deputy speaker from her party. I figure everyone else probably feels sorry for her. 🙂

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