Internet – Yay!!

I got to play on the internet today. But my back hurts after a couple of hours – but at least I’m lasting longer than I was before the pain started.

Fahim is waiting for a computer to be delivered, and when it arrives, he has to go to downtown Colombo to install it. It doesn’t arrive until around 2 – a couple of hours late – and Fahim calls Hannas to have the car get him and take him downtown with the computer. When the driver arrives, I get dropped off at home, and Fahim is off.

It’s a server, and I don’t know all the details, except that he’s installing software, setting it up, all that fun stuff. Fahim finally gets home sometime around 6:30 or so.

Fahim has been putting a lot more hours into work lately. It’s the whole infoshare thing, plus AED, and getting things ready to install & setup computers for election monitoring here with different organizations. They have 75 or so computers to set up over the island, and they’ll be monitoring election violence in addition to other things.

It also means that Fahim has the utmost of joy in looking forward to even more long hours, long working weeks, and possibly also a lot of out of town travel between now and then.

More joy.

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