For the record, my back is way better.

I hit a day a few days ago where I woke up, and the tenseness was just gone. It was like I surpassed this huge hurdle and suddenly, my back was way way better without having to go through all the steps in between.

No, not 100% perfect. Just way way better. I’m now back to mostly functional. I can sweep a room, but not two yet. I can chop veggies without wrecking my back. I can bend over and feed Oberon his cat food without that hurting, either. No, of course I don’t want to push it, but it’s nice to have freedom of movement back.

Having said that, it probably also helps that I’m doing stretches every day.

Regardless. I’m still soooo heppy heppy heppy that it’s getting better.

Now if Tellulah would just come home.

Author: LMAshton

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