Insect Infestation

We have an infestation. In a closed, airtight container. Which can only mean one thing.

The bugs are hitchhikers.

They came into the container on the backs of one of the items in it.

The good thing is that we didn’t have much in there to start with.

The bad thing is that our samaposha is in there – Fahim’s breakfast cereal.

The bad thing is that our mung beans – some of them – have holes in them where the bugs either crawled out as they hatched, or ate their way into.

The witches brew that Fahim sometimes drinks is possibly the culprit. Given that we’re dealing with twigs and branches and leaves, and they’re all otherwise unwashed. Yup. That could do it.

The mung beans – holes and all – will be breakfast tomorrow. After soaking in cold water for a while, which will cause the bugs to float to the surface. At least, that’s what Fahim says. Well, either that, or they’ll drown, and then float to the surface. Dead human bodies always do that – unless they’re tied down with rocks or cement blocks. So yeah, I’ll go with that theory.

Fahim, I think, is not having a good morning.

Author: LMAshton

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