Curried Mung Beans

I took a look in my recipe database and found a recipe for curried mung beans. I suggested to Fahim that I make it to use up the mung beans. He said no, he doesn’t like it. We’ll have it for breakfast tomorrow.

I told him I’d like to try it out and I’ll make a small batch. He didn’t look happy about that.

After he left for work, I put a half a cup of mung beans – green gram – in a cup and put in water to the top, and sher ’nuff, those little suckers floated. Not doing the dead man’s float, but still they floated.

In that half cup of mung beans, there had to be 50 or so little buggies.

Well, I washed them down the sink, whether they were willing to be dead or not. Gone. Bye bye!

And I made the curried mung beans. Not bad.

Fahim has a 2 pm meeting at work, so he’s coming home for lunch a little early – 12 pm instead of the usual 12:45 ish. So I had to make sure lunch was ready early. No problem. Here it is, a leisurely 11:30 and it’s all done. I’ve cooked up the chicken bones for soup. Finished the curried green gram. Made curried cabbage & potatoes. Cooked the rice. The chicken was cooked yesterday, so no worries on that score.

Now. Back to writing. I’m working on plotting Placidia at the moment. Well, not entirely true. At the moment, the very specific moment, I’m writing in here. But otherwise, I’m now working on the plot fixes for Placidia.

BIW – aka Book In a Week – is next week. I’ve signed up for 100 pages. I want to complete Black Light – finally! – and possibly also make decent headway on Placidia.

If I actually work on writing even oh, a consistent couple of hours a day, I could have both novels done by the end of the month. That would be cool.

Now to go and work the plan.

Later. I made the mung bean curry, it was pretty good, but I can think of a few things to improve the recipe – like adding more tomato and possibly onion – but I’m always thinking of ways to improve a recipe for my own tastebuds, so this is a normal apres-cooking activity for me – and I asked Fahim what he thought about it. His response? A very wordy “It’s okay.” What does that mean, dear? Does that mean it’s edible, it’s not terrible, you’ll eat it again in small quantities and not very often? Yes, dear.

As long as we’re clear on that, dear.

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