I’m Light Sensitive

I’ve known this for a long time.

I can see flickers on monitors with refresh rates above 60 mHz. I can see fluorescent lights flickering. When I have migraines, it feels like I see individual photons of light. When I get too much light, my eyes hurt.

I just figured out – and sometimes, I wonder why these things take me so long – that I’m getting too much sunlight in the living room during the day when I’m trying to write. I mean, I’ve worn sunglasses indoors on really bright days. How slow can I be?

I can’t see the sun from the window – it’s not that direct – but sitting at the couch, I have something like six feet by seven feet of windows in front and to the left. Considering that we’reclose to the equator, we get a lot of sun here. Not too many overcast days. And we don’t have drapes on the windows yet. I think it’s too much for me.

On the days when I’ve retreated to the bedroom to write – the window in there is above my head and behind me, and it’s only five feet by two feet of windows, and not as bright – I don’t get the headaches and eye strain that I get when I’m in the living room.

Well for crying out loud.

I think I’m better off writing in the bedroom. Whaddya figure?

Oh, and Tony – you know how we discussed you loaning me your sunlamp to help reset my sleep cycles? I don’t think I need it anymore. Guess what? The amount of sunlight we have coming through the windows has taken care of that all on its own here. Yeah, I know. You weren’t going to ship it international anyway. But I just thought I’d mention.

Author: LMAshton

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